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Do you want to learn how to track and calculate a direct mail campaign for your website? Direct mail marketing can be a great way to promote your business, but it’s important to track the results of your campaign in order to determine its effectiveness. In this article, we will discuss the steps necessary to track and calculate a direct mail campaign for your website.

How to Track a Direct Mail Campaign

One of the most important aspects of direct mail marketing is measuring the effectiveness of your campaign. Without tracking, it can be difficult to tell what is working and what isn’t. Here are some ways to track your direct mail campaign:

Use a Trackable Phone Number

One option is to use a trackable phone number. You can use a unique phone number on your direct mail piece and then track how many people call that number. This will give you an idea of how effective your direct mail piece was in getting people to take action.

Use a Trackable URL

You can create a unique URL for your direct mail piece and then track how many people visit that URL. This allows you to see how many people visit your website after receiving your direct mail piece and will give you an idea of how many people were interested enough in your offer to click on the link.

Create a Personalized URL

Another option is to create a personalized URL (Purl). A Purl is a unique URL that includes the recipient’s name or other information. This makes it easy to track who clicks on the link and who converts into a customer.

Create a Unique Coupon Code

Everyone loves a good coupon! You can include unique coupon codes in your direct mail piece and then track how many people use those codes when they make a purchase.

Add a QR Code

QR codes are barcodes that can be scanned by smartphone users. You can add QR codes to your direct mail piece and then track how many people scan the code and visit your website or make a purchase.

Use an Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)

An IMB is a barcode that includes information about the sender, recipient, and message of a direct mail piece. This barcode can be scanned by USPS and used to track your direct mail campaign. You can use this information to see how many pieces were delivered, how many were undeliverable, and how long it took for the pieces to be delivered.

Use Time Isolation Techniques

Time isolation is a technique that allows you to track which day or time of day produces the best results for your direct mail campaign. By using time isolation techniques, you can make sure that you are sending out your direct mail pieces at the best time for them to be seen and acted upon by recipients.

What Should You Track during a Direct Mail Campaign?

By tracking key metrics, you can improve the results of your next direct mail campaign. Here’s what you should be tracking:

Response Rate

One important metric to track is the response rate, which measures the percentage of people who respond to your direct mail campaign out of the total number of people who received it. A good response rate is typically around 2-3%.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate measures the percentage of people who respond to the direct mail piece and then go on to make a purchase. For example, if you’re running a direct mail campaign for a website, you’ll want to track how many people click on the link and visit the site. A good conversion rate is typically around 5-10%. If your conversion rate is low, you may want to consider changing the offer or the call to action in your direct mail piece.

Average Order Size/Average Order Value

You’ll also want to track the average order size or average order value for direct mail campaigns that are selling products. This metric will help you gauge whether your campaign is successful in generating sales. Good average order size is around $100-$200.

Cost Per Acquisition

The cost per acquisition (CPA) is the amount of money spent on a direct mail campaign divided by the number of new customers generated. For example, if a company spends $1,000 on a direct mail campaign and acquires 10 new customers, the CPA would be $100. A good CPA is around $50-$100.

Return On Investment (ROI)

The Return on Investment (ROI) is a key metric for any marketing campaign, and direct mail is no exception. It measures the profit generated from the direct mail campaign divided by the cost of the campaign. A good ROI is around 3-5%.

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