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About Us

Our company was founded in 2020 during the Covid crisis.

It was during this crisis that it became clear that marketing practices, which were already in transition for decades, would never be the same.

The reliance on branding and retail store shelf distribution lost much of its luster during the crises and direct marketing to consumers and businesses exploded in all media.

Retail storefronts will come back of course, but….

The acceleration and use of direct response marketing for customer acquisition and engagement strategies are now at the forefront for every business.

Businesses and organizations can’t transition fast enough.

Never has it been more clear and more important for businesses to deploy the principles and the use of all direct response media marketing.

We are the media company that embraces those principles and executes on those strategies for success. We are uniquely positioned to help navigate those expectations.

Our founders and leaders have worked with and built some of the largest direct response businesses in the Country.

Our expertise is media, but our focus is on helping you build your business using proven direct response techniques and strategies.

Experts in Media Disciplines

For our clients it’s all about improving and maximizing “Return On Investment” and “Lifetime Value” which only comes from great customer acquisition campaigns and great customer satisfaction.

For us, our goal is to provide those services to you that lead to great client satisfaction.

We succeed when you succeed.