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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services to Fit Your Company and That Convert Web Visitors into Customers


North American Media isn’t just about print and other traditional media. We offer the latest digital marketing solutions to cater to your company’s needs, including:

Custom Digital Audiences:  Our brand-unique audiences are built using the largest set of individual-level spending signals.  We analyze this vast consumer spending data at the brand level to identify people who will buy from you-enabling you to target your digital media with unsurpassed accuracy. That means better response rates, lower customer acquisition cost, and higher return on digital / social ad spend. We deliver brand-unique audiences to your DSP or platform of choice for activation across all addressable channels, platforms, and devices.

Email Acquisition Marketing: Many companies around the world continue to use electronic marketing communication to reach their customers. We can help you optimize your e-mail marketing strategy to attract new customers using acquisition email campaigns.  North American Media has been researching, recommending, and brokering email lists across our current client roster and has the expertise to assist in optimizing your next acquisition email campaign.

Connected TV/OTT: 80% of US 18 – 34 year olds stream TV content every week. Our solution gets in front of this hard to reach, ready to spend segment. Using our consolidated inventory buying strategy, you can reach multiple networks within a single buy. Our process ensures you’re not overspending to reach the same audience or subjected to high incremental minimums. We consult with you to better understand your offer and the target audience you need to get in front of. 

Digital & Social Media Listening: We work with our clients to define online search terms, websites and / or social media topics relevant to their brand and employ proprietary “listening” and matching technology that allows us to deploy an acquisition email offer in near real time or batched to consumers who have expressed an interest in these terms, topics & websites.

Cost per Lead Email Database Builder: Leverage a curated group of content websites that align with your target audience then work with us to craft a strategic offer that will be listed on this site network, and DTC leads are downloaded to your CRM in real time on a CPL basis.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Want your company to show up first on Google? You need to play by Google’s rules and optimize all of your pages to increase your ranking for the relevant keywords you want to rank for. We can help optimize your current website so that your leads see you first when they Google your product or service.

Social Media Optimization (SMO): You know the power of social media personally. Now, take it to the next level for your business. We can help you get noticed on all the popular social media platforms to get more likes, followers, and then… customers!

Content marketing: Content is king and if you’re not producing relevant content about your industry, you are basically invisible to potential customers. We write professional content for virtually any business to help solidify your reputation and get more business.

Paid Digital Marketing: The online media marketplace is booming. Native ads and other networks allow your company to place ads on websites you might never have been able to afford in the past. This is a great way to build your brand and conversions!

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising: Google and Bing Ads are still the most effective way to get new customers quickly. We can optimize your PPC campaigns so they perform at the highest level to get the best ROI on your spending and the most conversions.

Social Media Marketing: The social media marketplace has now been monetized and if you’re not on it, you’re missing out on a potential treasure chest of new customers. Let us create a paid social campaign that can grow your business!

Contact North American Media today to get even more information on these services and more!