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Direct Mail

One of the most tried and true direct response methods, direct mail is still an effective way to generate business for your company. In fact, direct mail is seeing a renaissance and is a key marketing platform for any business looking to grow. Whether it’s to sell more to your existing customers or to acquire new customers, direct mail marketing still converts, even in the digital age we live in. In fact, using direct mail in conjunction with digital marketing strategies can help further boost your response. However, direct mail has many components that need to fit together to increase the chances of success. In fact, the two most important components are the creative and the mailing list. The better these two components fit together, the better your results will be. Both are critical; both are equally important to your success. And if either one isn’t properly researched and executed, that could spell doom for your mailing campaign. Even the slightest changes in either of these components for better or worse can impact your ROI. Like all great marketing, testing using sound principles and based on expertise is your quickest path to success. Proper strategy can produce amazing results. That’s where North American Media come in. Our founders alone, have a combined experience over 100 years servicing clients in direct mail. The experience needed to help you execute a direct mail campaign that takes both of these components into consideration.

Creative Consulting

Our team has worked with dozens of professional copywriters and seen thousands of direct mail campaigns that have both been successful and that have failed miserably.

We know which copy concepts work and which ones have historically failed, helping you avoid the pitfalls before your campaign goes in the mail.

We’re also experts in design and production. This gives you options when it comes to how your mailing is going to look. Full color or simple text? Envelope or self-mailer? Personalized or generic? Multi-piece or single-piece mailer? The options are virtually endless and can get confusing. But with North American Media, you have a partner that will help guide you through the process to the best strategy for your direct mail package.

Mailing List Media Buying

When the mailing list is on point and selected properly and the mailing piece evokes the correct emotional response with your prospect, then the magic happens, and you create new customers.

With over 75,000 different lists on the market and unlimited creative strategies, it’s of utmost importance to use an experienced list broker, like North American Media, to help navigate the mailing list environment. Don’t fall for online list solutions with tons of bells and whistles that look just right. Those are “one and done” companies that will take your investment capital and will blame your mail piece for lack of response. Those lists can’t work plain and simple.

Mailing lists are summarized on data cards which gives a lot of information, but it can also be “information overload” to someone not familiar with direct mail marketing.

North American Media can help you through the complexities of the list industry, so you get the right audience for your direct mail piece. We answer the questions like:

  • Should I use a complied list or a response list?
  • Will gender select help increase my response or is it a waste of time?
  • What is recency and how can it help my response rate?
  • What is a fair “Cost/M” when it comes to renting a list?
  • What is reciprocal pricing?
  • Should I use a catalog, solo, subscriber, membership or some other list?
  • And much more!

As you can see, direct mail marketing has so many moving parts. An error in just one small aspect of a direct mail piece could mean disaster. That’s why you need an expert like North American Media to help steer you in the right direction.

From mailing list rentals to direct mail copywriting. Direct mail design to print and production. Whether it’s list segmentation advice, A/B split testing consulting or any other aspect of direct mail marketing, let the experts at North American Media help you achieve a positive ROI on your next direct mail campaign!

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