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Alternative Media/Package Inserts

Try Alternative Media and See How You Can Boost Your ROI!

While many companies are reaching for their computers to target customers digitally, print media still remains a powerful tool for advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, many advertisers interested in print media are unaware of the numerous advantages of insert and alternative marketing. This method provides valuable opportunities for companies to gain revenue and customers by integrating the entire marketing campaign and making a personal connection.

What Is Insert and Alternative Media Marketing?

Insert media marketing is the strategy of targeting customers at the precise moment that they are excited about receiving a new purchase. At this moment they are most likely to buy something else. It is also defined by any media channel able to accept any of the following third-party inserts: packages, catalog blow-ins, credit card statements, ride-alongs, direct mail, newspaper inserts (FSIs), cable television statements, and sampling programs.

Advantages of Insert and Alternative Marketing

There are several advantages to using insert and alternative marketing. Whether you’re advertising books, music, children’s products, or credit cards, insert media is a huge source for prospecting and you can generate about 75% of your new customers this way. Additional benefits include gaining revenue, catering to people who like to shop online, flexibility, and the ability to integrate with digital media.

Gain Revenue and Save Money

Through the use of alternative and insert media marketing, you can generate income while saving money. How is this possible? When you compare the cost-per-thousand for running an insert to renting a list or preparing a direct-mail package, you will notice a significant difference. You can achieve a lower advertising-to-revenue ratio with an insert media program. Insert media is also able to adjust to your business’ budget.

Acquire New Customers

Marketers are able to put an insert into every household of the country each month, which means your business, service, or products can be showcased on a personal level. This method has been known to boost the response results of other media channels as well.

Cater to Customers Who Shop at Home

Inserts are an effective way to cater to customers who enjoy browsing through a store from the comforts of their home. Frequent newspaper readers enjoy flipping through the pages in search of current deals and offerings from multiple sellers. Using inserts is a great strategy for getting your offer right in your customers’ hands.

Make Your Ads Stand Out

Consumers are finding it easier and easier to navigate around advertisements to find what they want. With online programs like Ad Block Plus, it’s almost second nature for them to automatically hide your ads. This is where insert media triumphs. You can stand out and be effectively seen by your prospective clients in a way that is not possible through digital media.

Able to Merge with Digital Media

Thanks to QR Codes, Web portals, and URLs, making your print ad link to your digital web site or ad is easier than ever. Insert media offers consumers the ability to interact with your brand and provides a two-way relationship with interested customers.


Newspaper inserts can be presented in a variety of forms including catalogues, single sheets, or cards, and can be distributed in a variety of sizes. You can customize your ad to make it stand out amongst the other inserts in the paper.

Encourage Repeat Shopping

Have you ever ordered a product online and received a card with a code for 25% off your next order? The same strategy can be applied to insert media for newspapers. You can begin a relationship with your prospective client by offering a deal or discount on the product before they have even considered your ad. This is a great way to direct them to your web site, encourage them to shop, and start off on the right foot with your customers.

Insert Formats We Can Provide

At North American Media the sky’s the limit when it comes to the types of inserts we can provide. We offer thousands of inserts for consumers and businesses in a variety of categories and industries. Anything from billing statements, package inserts for catalogs ordered or products ordered online to magazine renewals and coupons for retailers.

Use North American Media’s Insert Media Services

Contacting an agency with expertise in insert media will help you discover the best media rates, and allow your inserts to be delivered to a variety of fulfillment locations. An agency can also supply you with creative print production and sales, saving you time and money from using internal resources. North American Media has informed many clients of the benefits of using inserts. Insert media advertising through print has been profitable for our clients, and we can make it work for your business as well. Our team is familiar with a variety of market categories including publishing, catalog, financial, health, general merchandise, fundraising, and senior.