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Coupons and discount codes are a great incentive to attract and retain more customers. Most modern businesses focus strictly on harnessing an online approach to offering certain promotions. While that certainly shows their prowess for advertising to specific demographics, it also alienates potential target audience members that don’t subscribe to spending the majority of their time online. Plus, targeted online advertisements aren’t always the most effective marketing methods because they rely a little too much on obtaining specific customer data, which can feel a little impersonal and even invasive.

Digital advertising algorithms may be sophisticated, but they’re still susceptible to errors that can result in a lot of missed opportunities for brands like yours. Keep reading to learn about some of the top dietary supplement direct mail marketing tips to get your brand name and promotional offers more traction in the real world and online.

Why Do You Need to Market Your Supplement Brand in the First Place?

The question isn’t whether you need to come up with a clever and creative marketing strategy for your dietary supplement brand. After all, every aspect of your business from product launches to services and building up brand recognition and trust requires exhaustive promotional campaigns. The idea is to educate people about your brand, products, and services you offer. It’s impossible to do that without an airtight and carefully constructed direct mail marketing strategy.

Coupons and discount codes are an excellent way to get your brand name out there because they give people an incentive to at the very least try your product and see if it works for them. Even if people hadn’t previously heard of your brand, the right direct mail marketing strategies can change all of that and create instant brand recognition.

How to Create a Successful Dietary Supplement Direct Mail Coupon

Dietary supplements require specific direct mail marketing strategies that inform target demographics and audience members of what exactly is being offered and what they stand to gain from supporting your brand and purchasing your products. Here are a few direct mail marketing tips to help you achieve these objectives.

Make the Offers Relevant

Understanding what your target audience members want and who they are is of the utmost importance to creating an effective and worthwhile direct mail marketing campaign. Start by conducting thorough market research to identify your niche audience members and who can benefit the most from your products. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by reaching out to your target audience members directly and making them offers that they can’t refuse. In-depth dietary supplement direct mail marketing allows you to do just that.

Make the Coupon or Promotion the Center of Attention

Any marketing materials you send out to people should contain at least a brief history or introduction of your brand, but don’t let that detract from the offer at hand. Make sure the promotion that you’re offering is always front and center with clear guidelines, expiration dates, and information listed on the mailer. That way, customers will know exactly what you’re offering and how they can take advantage of the offer.

Use Clear and Concise Phrasing

Provide clear and concise instructions so that your prospective and existing target audience members know exactly what to expect with your promotional offer. Dietary supplement direct mail marketing materials should include the following information:

  • Instructions on how to redeem the offer (in-store, online, with a discount code, mail-in rebate scanning a barcode, etc.)
  • Coupon or voucher expiration dates
  • Product specifications (varieties, single items, certain quantities, etc.)
  • Product images
  • Product information including ingredients, side effects, and dispensing instructions
  • Clearly displayed brand logo
  • Expiration date
  • Barcode or redemption code
  • Applicable restrictions

Make sure you put everything in clear and concise writing to avoid any confusion and aggravating customers who want to redeem the offer.

Take an Omnichannel Marketing Approach                     

The goal of marketing is to increase brand recognition and get as many people as possible to purchase your products. Using an omnichannel marketing approach that combines both online and direct mail marketing strategies is the best way to reach out to and entice as many customers as possible to purchase your products.

When designing direct mail marketing materials for your dietary supplements, it’s important to give people a variety of redemption options. Some people might feel more comfortable purchasing your product in-store or over the phone if available. Others might find it more convenient to purchase your products through an online vendor or directly from your website using a discount code.

Allowing these different redemption options opens your brand up to more customer outreach and retention opportunities than simply sticking to a singular promotional approach.

Target the Right Demographics

Over-the-counter dietary supplements are classified as natural health products, which means that the majority of them undergo in-depth clinical testing and trials in order to get approval from various government agencies like the FDA. When creating dietary supplement direct mail marketing materials, it’s important to consider which demographics would benefit the most from these products. This requires a great deal of research to ensure that you’re marketing your products to the right people who are most likely to purchase them.

Create Personalized Offers for Each Customer

Direct mail coupons and promotions need to be eye-catching in order to capture and maintain the attention of the receiver. Think of how many times you’ve probably mindlessly sorted through your mail and never paid attention to the promotional material because it wasn’t particularly captivating. More often than not, unremarkable direct mail advertisements don’t even make it to the kitchen counter and are thrown out without even being read through completely.

Personalized direct mail marketing should stand out and contain enticing offers that customers are actually excited to receive to ensure that they actually get used.

Create Timely and Seasonal Offers

Most people have weight loss on their minds during specific times of the year, particularly in the spring, summer, and right around New Year’s. Dietary supplement companies can take advantage of these dispositions by sending out appropriately timed and seasonal direct mail marketing materials to their target audiences. There’s no better time to get your promotional coupons and discount codes out there than when people have summer bods and New Year’s resolutions on the brain.

North American Media is a direct supplement mailing list provider in the United States. We can help you grow your customer base by creating custom direct mail marketing strategies that tell your brand story and establish loyalty and trust from your target audience members. Contact us today to learn about our direct mail marketing services and see how we can help you grow your business.