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Consumers are frequently bombarded with endless barrages of digital marketing materials at every single turn. From social media and brand websites to paid ads on search engines, targeted advertising, and online video platforms, digital marketing is virtually inescapable.

The online health and wellness space are particularly over-saturated with countless brands vying for the attention and support of the same end customers. Despite all of these other online marketing techniques, email marketing still remains the most common. Forming a nutritional supplement mailing list allows you to effectively leverage the power of knowledge, customer outreach, and great content to entice your customers to support your brand.

By that token, here are a few of the most common mailing list mistakes made by brands in the nutritional supplement space and how to avoid them entirely.

Not Having a Mailing List

Every modern business, regardless of the industry or space they’re in, should have a robust email list. A nutritional supplement email list allows you to interact directly with your customers and educate them about your brand and line of products. You can also use this platform to inform customers about the latest brand and industry news, product launches, and even special promotional offers that can be redeemed online or in-store. Leveraging the expertise of a nutritional supplement mailing list provider helps you build customer loyalty, brand recognition, and trust by reaching out to a wide audience base.

Using Poorly Written Subject Lines

Considering the sheer volume of marketing emails customers receive on a regular basis, it’s important to make yours stand out from the rest. Catchy and well-written subject lines are more likely to grab people’s attention and entice them to open and read the email. If you’re wondering why people aren’t opening emails from your brand, then poorly written and uninteresting subject lines are most likely the culprit.

Not Sending Confirmation Emails

Confirmation emails aren’t just meant to confirm an order. Welcome and thank-you emails also fall under that category. These types of messages are meant to show appreciation to your customers and remind them that you’re always available to answer their questions and help them choose the right products for their needs. Sending customers well wishes for their birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions also has a positive impact. All of these are crucial opportunities to show your customers that you value their patronage and care about them. Additionally, they’re also an opportunity to provide them with special offers and promote seasonal products and services as well.

Overloading Subscriber Inboxes with Too Many Emails

There is such a thing as over-communication, even in the extremely competitive nutritional supplement digital marketing space. Bombarding your customers with too many emails can get annoying and frustrating very quickly. In fact, this is the number one reason that many customers choose to unsubscribe from the email lists of their favorite brands. Brands that get overzealous with their email marketing tend to focus more on the quantity rather than the quality of the content they produce—and it shows. Shifting the focus to producing more high-quality educational content ensures a higher subscriber retention and acquisition rate.

Not Having a Clear Call-to-Action

Like your web content, every email should include a clearly written call-to-action that explains what your company does and how customers can reach out to you. A call-to-action can take on many different forms. It can appear in the form of a button at the end of your email message, or it can be a phrase that summarizes the purpose of the email. A call-to-action is designed to inform customers of the intention of the email and whether any specific action is required on their part, so it should be easy to understand.

Neglecting Mobile Users

The majority of online shoppers use their mobile devices to purchase nutritional supplements and other products. Failing to make your email messages mobile-friendly is a huge mistake because you risk alienating a large section of your subscribers. If customers can’t properly view or read your emails on their smartphones, then they’re more likely to unsubscribe altogether.

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