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It’s no secret that consumers today are more aware of their health than ever before. People of all ages are searching for ways to improve specific parts of their physical and cognitive health, and that search typically leads to some form of nutritional supplement. Whether it’s to aid with digestion, athletic performance, pregnancy, or brain health, the popularity of multivitamins and other types of supplements has taken off.

This increased interest in the supplement market has led to predictions of sales in the U.S. market alone growing to over $18.0 billion by 2020. Within the market, there have been specific supplements that have stood out. These are supplements that are trending for their use around the world as consumers continue to explore new ways to better their health.

Here are three nutritional supplement trends from 2021, in which consumers showed particular interest.


We’re sure you’ve heard this word a thousand times over the past year. Probiotics have been the main staple for digestive health as research continues to show their benefits for weight loss, stress and anxiety, and strengthening of the immune system. Pregnant people have enjoyed many of the benefits of probiotics. Reduction in blood sugar levels, protection against yeast infections, and stronger immune systems in breastfed newborns are just some of the advantages of taking a probiotic supplement.

The main delivery point for probiotics is still veggie capsules, which account for $73.0 million worth of the total consumption. The popularity of probiotics just seems to be at its beginnings. Studies are being done all over the world for new implementations of this supplement, so you can expect to hear more new developments regarding probiotics in the next five years.

Plant Proteins

This is a mega-market unto itself. The overall global protein ingredient market is predicted to top $43.0 billion by 2024. The actual plant protein market is estimated to clock in at $10.0 billion by 2020. What’s pushing this supplement to these kinds of proportions is largely weight management.

Research has proven that protein is tops when it comes to satisfying hunger. In a generation in which obesity levels are skyrocketing, finding ways to counteract this epidemic has become paramount. When it comes to supplementing marketing, plant proteins have a keen advantage. In addition to the weight management benefits, plant proteins offer an alternative to animal-based products and are now even being manufactured for improved taste.


You may not have heard of curcumin, but you likely have heard of turmeric. Curcumin is the compound found in turmeric, which is a spice that has shown capabilities to control inflammation, along with other benefits. Curcumin has been part of East Asian and South Asian cultures forever. It is finally making its way over to the west and being studied for its treatment of several conditions.

Its ability to reduce inflammation has made curcumin a significant factor in the fight against arthritis. Even more exciting is the exploration of curcumin in halting the spread of cancer. Some studies have suggested that curcumin may even help prevent some forms of cancer.

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