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Most businesses these days tend to put all of their digital and direct mail marketing strategies in one basket. They either focus entirely on arbitrarily sending out mailers to people’s mailboxes in the hopes of gaining more website traffic, advertising on social media, or creating an email list.

What these companies don’t realize is that the most effective approach to marketing and attracting more website traffic is to leverage a combination of all three. Creating a mailing list for e-commerce websites should incorporate both the digital and direct mail aspects of marketing. This will guarantee a much more cohesive and widespread marketing strategy that enhances lead generation, customer acquisition, better conversion rates, and even brand loyalty.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using an e-commerce mailing lists to increase website traffic.

E-Commerce Mailing Lists Are Cost-Effective

Embarking on a new marketing campaign can feel a lot like throwing darts in the dark. You never really know where they’re going to land or if they’re going to stick at all. A lot of marketing research goes into cultivating a well-rounded marketing campaign, so you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. If your goal is to attract new customers and increase website traffic, then generic email and mailing campaigns are a big waste of money.

Unless people see something that intrigues them on a personal level in your marketing, they simply won’t take the bait. This presents a lot of missed opportunities to forge strong connections with your audience members. Fine-tuning your digital and print mailing lists allows you to zero in on those audience members that are more likely to support your business. It also cuts down overhead and printing costs by focusing on specific demographics and regions.

Building Relationships with Customers

The best way to build strong and lasting customer relationships is to simply listen to what they have to say and perform ample market research. Look at what people are saying about your business and others like it online. Channel that feedback into building a responsive, informative, and intriguing online and physical marketing campaign. Don’t be afraid to also directly ask for feedback from your customers and give them a good incentive for doing so. This will help earn their respect and increase their trust for your brand.

Connect with Your Target Market on a Personal Level

E-commerce mailing lists present a great opportunity to forge personal bonds with each audience member. Not only can you address each person by name, but you can also extrapolate more information from them based on unique interactions to create even more personalized and targeted ad campaigns that appeal specifically to their interests. Once you’ve established this connection, you can give them the option of receiving a combination of marketing materials and special promotions via email, regular mail, or both.

Reaching out to subscribers and customers on such a personal level creates a more human connection, making your customers feel truly seen and heard and like they’re more than just a number or sales target to you.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Putting forth a strong effort to make customers feel special and like you truly understand their needs and wants is an effective way to increase brand loyalty. When customers feel like they’re being seen and heard by a brand they trust, there’s no reason for them to turn to one of your competitors. But it also means that you’re in constant competition with yourself to retain those customers and hold their attention. For that reason, it’s important to create consistently positive customer experiences by maintaining top-notch customer service and branded communications.

Brand loyalty starts with recognition. Always be clear and upfront about any special promotions and incentives you’re offering and make sure your brand logo is visible on all of your communications, so it’s ingrained in your customers’ subconscious minds. When customers feel like they can trust your brand, they’re more likely to recommend it and share your messaging with other people they know. This is a great way to also increase brand recognition and website traffic.

Notify Customers of Sales and Special Promotions

The whole point of creating an email and mailing list is to promote anything and everything that has to do with your brand. That includes sales, promotions, subscriber discounts, special online and in-person events, etc. Subscribers should be the first to know about any brand-related news because they’ve invested time and probably some money into your brand. Basically, they’ve earned the right to be notified first about upcoming brand events and promotions.

Furthermore, a key initiative of successful customer retention is to incentivize customers to continue supporting your brand. Offer them special insider deals for their birthdays and other milestones or for upgrading their subscriptions and making special purchases. Customers get a lot of emails and mailers, so it’s important to make the content as enticing as possible to capture their attention.

Get Higher Conversion and Response Rates

You invest a great deal of time, money, and resources into designing and sending out digital and physical content to your email and mailing list. All of that effort is a total waste if people are just deleting your emails or throwing out your mailers without even opening and reading them. That’s why generic marketing tactics don’t work. Customers don’t want to feel like you’re always trying to sell them something.

To engage your customers, try framing your marketing content in a more personalized manner that feels like a friendly correspondence rather than just another promotion. This encourages people to engage more openly with your brand and is more likely to drive up conversion and response rates.

Promote Your Content and Increase ROI

When it comes to great content, sometimes what’s old can be made new again. Whether you have existing content that just needs a little updating and fine-tuning or new content that you want to promote, email lists are a great way to do it. You can update your customers every time you post a new blog or article to your website. You can also let them know about new promotions, updated policies, and other important information and provide links to specific webpages where they can perform certain actions to increase website traffic and engagement.

All of these communication efforts are an effective approach for increasing your ROI through higher conversion and response rates as well.

Work with a Mailing List Provider to Boost Your Brand

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