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Finding creative and intelligent ways for business-to-business (B2B) marketing can be challenging with all the options available and the competitive nature of the industry. However, cover wrap advertisements in magazines are extremely effective and a great option to choose from. No other medium allows you a more effective way to place your ad than the cover of national magazines. In fact, choosing the cover gives you 100% viewability. Magazine cover wraps are the only option that allows B2B marketers to target their specific audience with a customizable marketing plan that highlights your company as the feature story. Cover wraps also provide a huge amount of real estate so that you can get your message across directly and effectively. With unique and engaging content and images, coupons, and even chips for video or audio, you can use a multitude of options to grab your reader’s attention and boost engagement. Here’s what you need to know about cover wrap ads and how they can benefit you.

What Is Magazine Cover Wrap Advertising?

A cover wrap magazine advertisement is a sponsored message bound to the outer surfaces of the magazine at the spine. Cover wrap advertising usually consists of four, six, eight, or 10 pages. The formats vary between styles including gatefold, double gatefold, and booklets. These ads are usually printed on the same cover stock as magazines and are treated for quality and durability for a finished product. On the front surface of the cover wrap, there will be the logo and a promotional disclaimer.

Benefits from Cover Wrap Advertising

Cover wrap ads are designed to clearly communicate to business executives, patients, physicians, highly targeted audiences, and small business owners. They are designed to strategically drive revenue and engagements. Out of the other advertising methods available, cover wraps are established, proven, and effective, and are used by over 80% of Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, over 90% of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies have used cover wrap ads to bring information to their patients, caregivers, and physicians. Here are some key advantages of cover wrap advertising.

Cover Wraps Stand Out and Get Noticed

Cover wraps are the first thing your reader will see when they receive the magazine, which makes them powerful and proven to be effective. Cover wraps can be a successful tool to captivate your audience in a unique and creative way.

High Investment Return

With cover wrap advertising, business-to-business ads can see between a 2:1 and 20:1 return on investment!

Targeted Audiences & Audience Development

Cover wraps are great tools to target and communicate with anyone around the world. You can distribute your message to audiences at business offices, homes, waiting rooms, or salons. With your advertising agent, you can cater to your audience network to meet the exact needs of your company.

Cover Impact & Creative Flexibility

Another benefit of cover wraps is that you can use the entire surface to boldly declare your message. Your content and information will be clearly viewed and quickly noticed by your readers.

Cover Wraps Are the Most Measurable Form of Print There Is

If you’re still unsure about whether to invest in cover wrap advertising, just look at the results. Cover wraps are the most measurable print marketing option that exists. Since the wraps are sent directly to your target audience, real insights are easy to access through qualitative research.

Set Up Your Cover Wrap Campaign with North American Media

Let’s face it, there are countless ways to deliver your message to your customer online, but what’s the point of investing in advertisements that your customers block with ad-blocking add-ons? What’s the point of creating a beautiful, effective, and informative website, if your online ads can’t seem to drive customers to your page? The reason why so many businesses continue to rely on print media to drive their customers to their digital website or their physical store is that it has sustained its effectiveness and popularity over the years. Cover wrap advertising is highly cost-effective when you consider that it reaches 100% of your audience. With the significant and measurable return on investment of cover wraps, and their ability to provide valuable information about your brand to your customers, there’s no question as to why you should consider them in your marketing campaign. Once you have made that decision, it’s time to choose the right marketing agency to get you the real estate.

With help from North American Media, you can improve your marketing strategy by creating an advertisement campaign that engages your prospects and appeals to their curiosity and interests. You can also access quality magazine real estate to get your message to as many prospects as possible. If you want to experience the advantages of a successful print media strategy, seek direction from our experts. Our services also include direct mail marketing, list & insert brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, list management, digital media and radio, TV & Podcast media. For more information about how we can help grow your business contact us today!