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When creating a direct mail package, there are certain elements that are considered essential.

An eye-catching headline, persuasive copy, and a compelling offer are all keys to a successful direct mail marketing piece.

However, the call-to-action, or CTA for short, is arguably the most important aspect of any successful direct mail package.

Why? Simply put, the CTA is the entire goal of the direct mail package.

It can instruct the recipient to visit a website. It can provide a phone number to call. It can be an ordering device that the recipient can mail back to complete an order. There are many CTAs that can be included in a direct mail piece.

In this article, we’ll outline nine ways to create an effective and enticing call-to-action that can increase the chances of getting a response from the recipient.

Create a Sense of Urgency

An effective call to action should include a sense of urgency and purpose. Use words like “now” and “limited time offer” to emphasize the importance of acting quickly. It’s also beneficial to add a deadline or expiration date for your call to action. Having a solid deadline (either a set date or a “days from now” type of countdown) can really increase that sense of urgency for the recipient.

Highlight the Benefits

When creating your call-to-action, be sure to highlight the benefits that your audience can gain by acting. Don’t focus on the features of a product or service—emphasize what readers will get out of it. The best way to find that benefit is to think of the emotional response of the user once they use the product. Will it make them happier? Will it make them smarter? Will it make their money? These are just a few of the hundreds of questions that you can ask to find the true benefit of your product.

Make a Compelling Offer

Make your call-to-action even more effective by including a compelling offer, such as free shipping, discounts, or other incentives. This encourages readers to act and reinforces the idea that taking advantage of your offer is worth it. It’s a good idea to test the offer (free gift vs. discount price) to see which one elicits the better response.

Use the Word “FREE”

The word “free” has been proven to be one of the most effective words in direct marketing copywriting. It grabs attention and encourages people to act since they don’t have anything to lose. Note: If you are offering something for free, make sure to include its paid value in the package so the recipient can see how much they are actually getting for free. If it’s a free service, calculate the monetary value based on the value of your time.

Personalize the CTA

Personalizing your call-to-action can make a big difference in its effectiveness. Use the recipient’s name, or tailor the message to their interests, needs, and desires. This shows that you know them as an individual and creates an emotional connection with the reader. A good example of this would be to have the recipient’s first name boldly printed on the order device.

Use Action Words

When writing your call to action, use words that will inspire readers to act. Words like “call”, “redeem”, “special”, “savings” and “discount” are words that get attention and can lead to a favorable response from the recipient.

Avoid “Friction Words”

The opposite of action words, it’s important to avoid “friction words” that may cause the reader to hesitate or think twice about acting. Words like “buy,” “spend,” and “invest” can make readers feel hesitant or reluctant.

Test the CTAs for Maximum Impact

Try testing different versions of your call-to-action to see what works best for maximum response. Try using different words, offers, and lengths to find out which one elicits the best response from readers. Make sure you measure the results so that you can continually improve upon each CTA.

Make It Easy to Act

Finally, make sure that it is easy for readers to act. Give them a way to do so right away by providing a phone number, website URL, or other contact information. Also include an easy-to-find link on your social media channels and email signature for added convenience.

These tips should help you create an effective and enticing call-to-action that will increase response rates and sales. Use these tips to craft compelling CTAs that will help you reach your direct mail marketing goals.

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