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Print advertising through coupons has been a staple for many businesses before and during the pandemic. What began as coupons that needed to be cut out along dotted lines in newspapers and magazines is now a valuable way to attract customers and increase conversations for your business. Coupons and discount offers are a great way to advertise your business, so if you are considering ways to boost your print advertisement strategy, here are some things to know.

Is Coupon Advertising Right for Your Small Business?

Coupon advertising is more than attracting bargain hunters to your target audience; it’s a great way to attract new customers. According to statistics, 71% of Internet users in the United States were influenced to make purchase decisions based on coupons and discounts.

The same can be said for print advertising. Print coupons can work well for most business sizes and types and this strategy is tested and true. It may seem counterintuitive to offer discounts on your products, especially when you operate a small business—after all, every dollar counts! But reports show that 75% of companies are willing to sacrifice their margins to secure customer loyalty through discounts and coupons. If this strategy is working for them, it might be worth it to try it yourself.

It is important to remember that the purpose of offering coupons is to attract new customers and encourage existing ones to try new products or services of yours. If your offer is good, customers are likely to stick around. Coupons can also convince customers of competitor brands to switch to yours.

The benefit of Coupons in Print Advertising

Lead Generation

Coupons for print advertising can help you gain new customers, even if you are not a retail business. Contractors, business services, home services, and professional services can also use coupons to generate leads. Your offer won’t look like “15% off” or “buy one get one free”, but you can offer a free white paper, e-book, or how-to guide.

Really, you can offer whatever you think will interest your target audience. An important fact of direct response advertising is that the offer drives response. So, by putting the right offer in front of your audience, you will be successful.

Advertise a New Product

Using coupons in your print advertising strategy allows you to entice your customers about a new product or service that you were offering.

Take for instance perfume companies. They often provide free samples and discounts in magazines, so that customers can try the product and be inspired to purchase a full bottle.

You can take advantage of this strategy as well by offering free samples or a tempting, high-value coupon that can lead to a sale.

Buy Loyalty

If you assume that your product or offer is so amazing that your customer just has to try it once and will be loyal, you’ll be in for a disappointing surprise. Businesses need to invest in their customers and continuously persuade them to stick around. There are numerous factors that go into getting and retaining customers. It is not enough to offer a one-time bargain.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes: Think about how you feel when you get a coupon from one of your favorite brands in the mail. If it makes you feel like the company values your business and wants to maintain you as their customer, then you understand the value of using coupons to buy loyalty.

Get Repeat Business

If you use a promotion that requires your customer to use their reward the next time they shop at your online store, you can attract them to the other products you sell. As the customer browses through your items, they are likely to see additional products they want to add before they make their online purchase.

You can also give coupons as a reward to your existing customers. For example, after they spend $100 on your online store, you can give them an additional $10 off on their next purchase. Some customers will spend well beyond the limit of the coupon, so your store can profit from your promotion immediately.

Targeted Marketing Efforts

Coupon offers are also great because you can encourage your customers to sign up for a store loyalty card so that they can get the best discounts as they are available.

In exchange for giving your customers better prices, you can gain detailed information about your customers’ buying behavior. You can access important information such as the days and times they visit your store, how much they spend per trip, how often they shop, what products they buy most often, and if they always use coupons.

Let North American Media Help You Advertise Effectively in Print Media

Coupons are a great way to give consumers great discounts on your offers so that you can build brand loyalty and encourage repeat business from your consumers. With a smart coupon strategy, you will see increased sales, a loyal customer base, and an edge over your competitors.

At North American Media, our specialty is helping our clients create newspaper, magazine, and direct mail ads that grab readers’ attention and encourage them to follow through. We offer a variety of services to our clients including print media advertising in newspapers & magazines, direct mail marketing, digital marketing, alternative media/inserts, radio & TV advertising, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, and list management, and we can help you use coupons to achieve the benefits mentioned above.

We can also help you reach your target audience, retain customers, and improve your customer reputation thanks to our professional copywriting services and valuable advice. We understand the relationship between the marketer and consumer and serve a variety of industries, retailers, and more.

For more information about how we can help you create coupon advertisements for newspapers or direct mail, contact us at (475) 256-0303.