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Don’t let the decrease in annual direct mail pieces being sent deter you from including direct mail into your marketing plans. As a marketer, it should do the opposite and make you excited that because fewer pieces are going out, less clutter is present in the mailboxes of homeowners, which gives your piece a better chance to be seen.

You should know by now that all of the claims of direct mail being dead have been overblown and downright false. It’s still the most personal form of marketing, still easily measurable, and, when done right, can produce some high returns. So how do you get the best out of your direct mail campaigns in 2021? Here are the top five tips to help you get it right:

  1. Know Your Segments: Before you can implement any creative direct mail marketing campaign, you need to clearly understand the prospects on your list. Who are your current customers and what are their needs? Balance that with knowing the needs of your past and prospective customers and treat each of them differently. Being knowledgeable of your list and segmenting properly is important to any successful campaign.
  2. Implementing Multiple Response Devices: Your goal when conducting a direct mail campaign is to get consumers to respond, so make it easy for them and include a new device into your pieces this year. People use mobile much more frequently to do all sorts of things, so maybe including text as a response option is a good idea. Whatever you decide, try something new and measure the response.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Integrate: Direct mail could be the cornerstone of your campaign, but there’s nothing wrong with integrating other mediums. Integrating social media or mobile channels into your direct mail campaign only increases the chances of engaging with the consumer.
  4. Test Until You Get it Right: To get the best results out of direct mail, it needs to be viewed as an investment rather than a standalone cost. Direct mail marketing campaigns require constant testing among different segments of your list; test for different variables until you find the correct mix, then go full-steam.
  5. Tell The Customer What You Want Them To Do: It’s not a direct mail marketing piece without a call to action. You can get as creative as you want, but if you’re not making any requests of your prospects, then that’s exactly what will happen. Make sure your calls to action are clear, simple to follow, and lead to an opportunity for further action.

North American Media has been in the direct mail business for 30 years. We continue to thrive through changing environments and know how to best conduct a direct mail campaign to ensure the very best return on your investment. Contact us now and let us get started on improving your direct mail results for 2021.