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Let’s get straight to the facts: Probiotic consumption is on the rise—seriously on the rise. In 2015 alone, the global probiotic market reached $401.0 billion and North America had the highest retail share of this market, generating $6.0 billion in sales. What’s even more exciting for marketers interested in supplement marketing is that much of the growth of probiotics is happening in the supplements sector.

Probiotic Supplements More than a Trend

Probiotics are moving past what some would consider a trend. What’s helped bacteria (since that’s what probiotics are) crossover into the mainstream comes down to one word; yogurt. Yogurt was already a popular snack, and the probiotic craze was easier to digest when it was introduced through various types of yogurt.

Today, yogurt and spoilt milk still account for 70% of probiotic consumption. But all of the growth is happening on the supplement side of things. In 2015, supplements generated $4.0 billion, an increase of eight percent from the previous year. Even more exciting is the future of supplement probiotics is estimated to grow by 37% by the year 2020.

Those types of projections have already been involved in supplement marketing finding ways to capitalize on this growth. Direct mail marketing is one of the key ways any company can really get ahead of the competition.

Use Direct Mail for Probiotic Marketing

If you look at the U.K., the supplement market has already exceeded the sales of painkillers. What needs to happen in the U.S. to get even more consumers familiar with the benefits of probiotics is education and prevention of any misinformation.

The very fact that so many people are already consuming bacteria is a big step. But there is still the present notion that all bacteria cause diseases when many studies actually show the opposite. So trying to get people to ingest billions of probiotics each day takes some convincing.

But that is what makes direct mail the perfect vehicle. Consumers are more open to long-form reading through direct mail. Information packets that explain, at length, the benefits of probiotics for the gut and overall health can be included in your mailers.

While consumers are becoming more educated, innovations in probiotic supplements continue to increase. We’re seeing much of this innovation in product packaging, market positioning, and delivery forms. There are now even dairy-free and allergen-free probiotics offerings, and scientific advancements continue to push the retail opportunities for probiotics through the roof.

But you need to connect with your customer. No matter the quality of the product, if customers are not connected, they’ll turn their attention somewhere else. Direct mail forges that connection better than any other marketing platform.

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