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Are you trying to reach more prospects through your direct mail marketing campaign? Have you run out of creative direct mailer ideas? You’ve come to the right place. There are many helpful and creative direct mail marketing ideas that will inspire you to create pieces that have all the right elements to attract prospects and turn them into paying customers. Here are some tips for how you can create an effective direct mail piece.

Personalize the Campaign

If you want to have a creative direct mail marketing campaign, you need to create pieces that are personalized and unique to your brand. This will prevent you from getting mixed in with other businesses who are also using direct mail marketing pieces. There are many different ways you can personalize your direct mail piece, whether it be an envelope or postcard. Personalization adds a friendlier touch to your piece that can help you connect with your new prospects or existing customers. This may require you to use interesting catchphrases, your brand logo and theme, or a personal flair in your writing that sets the tone for the kind of business you have.

Be Unique & Innovative

To stand out, you should build stories and images that relate to your business, instead of just telling the customers who you are and what you do. Take your own experience to heart when creating content for your direct mail piece. If you remember a direct mail piece or ad that connected with you, use the same idea the other way around. Think about the feeling that you want your product or service to generate in your prospects, and then paint that picture using photos and words.

Create Visually-Appealing Designs

The design of your mailing piece should be visually appealing. Consider its size, if it will need to be opened, whether it will simply be a postcard, if you will use many colors or stick to a neutral design, and how the contents will be placed to stand out and catch prospects’ attention.

Prospect the Right Audience

Before creating your direct mail marketing piece, think about your prospective audience’s demographics. What age group are you trying to prospect? Is there a particular gender that would be more interested in your product? Where do your prospects live? What is their average income? All of these questions should affect how you plan your design because what you know about your customers’ purchasing habits and interests will help you cater to their needs.

Create an Effective Story

Figuring out what your brand story will be is a great way entice prospects. So many people love to have a realistic storyline to buy into, so this will go a long way for your campaign. For example, your story could be that your tutoring program will teach kids everything they need to know about biology, in a way that helps them self-learn. Of course, you need to express this in a powerful and clear way, so that it has a lasting impact on your customer when they read it.

Essential Information in Direct Mail Pieces

Not only should your direct mail piece be creative, it should also include essential information about your business. This may include information about how your customers or prospects can contact you, including your web site and phone number. This does not have to be elaborate, but it is important to make sure that customers understand exactly what you do, why that benefits them, and how they can get in touch with you.

Integrate a Compelling Call-to-Action

Once you have explained your importance to your customer, you must remember to include a compelling call-to-action (CTA). Don’t assume that readers will automatically know how to contact you. You need to add urgency or additional value by giving them a time limit of when your offer expires, providing discounts to those who respond before a certain date, and encouraging them to interact with you on your web site or via social media. Make these statements very clear and vibrant so that they stand out from your direct mail piece.

Keep the Message Focused

A direct mail marketing piece often has limited space. You need to make sure that your direct mail message is focused. Do not overwhelm your customers or prospects with too much information. Your piece should include basic facts about your business, but do not add any unnecessary details or try to fit in multiple messages.

Measure the Result

Measuring your results is important, whether you are doing a huge direct mail blast, or focusing on a small campaign to test it out. Measuring results should be an essential part of any direct mail campaign. You should look at key metrics for calculating your return on investment, including your cost per mailing, total campaign budget, conversion and response rates, number of buyers, average revenue per buyer, and total revenue generated. If you are doing a smaller test run of your direct mail pieces because of budget restrictions, you should still measure the results. If you notice that you have a very good return on investment, you can do a bigger blast of that campaign the second time around.

Get Direct Mail Marketing at North American Media

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