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If you are considering posting an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, you should consider using an insert. There are many ways to deliver your message to your customers using print media, but insert marketing seems to be one of the most effective ways. Here’s what you need to know about newspaper and magazine advertising through insert programs and how they can benefit you.

1. Consumers Love to Shop at Home

Insert are great tools for advertising for multiple reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is because they appeal to consumers who enjoy shopping from the comfort of their homes. Many readers will browse through magazines and newspapers to find the inserts that show current deals and sales from various retailers. Inserts are a great way for you to get your offer in front of customers who are looking for something new to buy.

2. Newspaper Inserts Have a Wide Reach

According to a recent consumer usage newspaper advertising report, 83% of adults regularly or occasionally read newspaper inserts and 70% of readers use them. This shows that insert marketing has huge potential in getting your message to your readers and encouraging them to act.

3. Give Consumers Exactly What They Want

Many newspaper readers look forward to that time of the day when they can go through the inserts in their newspapers and magazines to window shop and plan out their shopping for the week. This is your opportunity to deliver offers for the things your prospective consumers want.

4. Highly Targeted

Another benefit of insert marketing is that you can distribute by postal code, market, and more. Inserts will give you the power to get your message in front of your target demographic, so your message is not wasted.

5. Inserts Set Your Brand Apart

Today’s consumers are seeking more and more ways to tune ads out, so you need to make sure that your ad is noticeable and can’t be ignored. Print media inserts are noticed because they stand out from the other generic ads in the newspaper or magazine that all look the same. This is one of the reasons why supermarkets and big box stores choose inserts to advertise to their prospects.

6. Impressive Flexibility

For advertisers to effectively deliver their messages and have an impact on their readers, they must be flexible with their media buys. There are many kinds of newspaper inserts that you can choose from. Some of these options include catalogs, cards, or single sheets, and they can come in large or small formats.

7. Inserts Are an Action Medium

Inserts are designed to drive consumers to act based on what they have read, which is exactly the point of your advertising campaign. According to a shopping and spending survey, 44% of respondents said they took their inserts with them to the stores, and 44% said that they used inserts to shop for things that they did not originally plan for.

8. Inserts Are Cost-Effective

Compared to an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, inserts often get a better response. The value of an insert because of its response rate is what makes it cost-effective. You may need to pay more upfront, but if it means you will make more revenue, the cost is worth it.

9. The Sunday Crowd

Sunday is the day of the week that most consumers actively read newspapers and seek out the inserts in the paper. In fact, 48% of adults check inserts in newspapers on this day. Take advantage of this premium opportunity to reach your customers. It may come at a higher price, but the reward will be great.

10. Real Staying Power

Standalone flyers and ads are often dumped into the trash can or recycling bin, but if you include an insert in a magazine or newspaper that the consumer has already subscribed to, the shelf life of your campaign can be measured for a longer period of time. As these newspapers and magazines lying around your consumer’s house or office, it has multiple opportunities to be read again to spark interest in the consumer again.

11. Newspaper Inserts Bridge the Online and Offline Divide

Newspaper inserts are highly effective even in this digital age because they can connect readers from one medium to another. When readers see an insert, 30% of them will go online to get more information about the brand. Inserts can also help your business drive consumers to your online store or physical store to redeem the offer or shop the sale.

Set Up Your Insert Program with North American Media

Inserts are an effective way to grab your reader’s attention and encourage them to redeem your offer online or in-store. Inserts will boost loyalty to your brand and attract new customers. Even if you are a small retailer, you have the advantage of getting your message straight into your most responsive prospects. If you’ve never launched an insert program before, you can grow your customer base and increase sales with just a little direction and creativity. Unsure of where to begin? Consider working with our newspaper advertising agency.

With help from North American Media, you can improve your marketing strategy by creating an advertisement campaign that engages your prospects and appeals to their curiosity and interests. If you want to experience the advantages of a successful print media insert strategy, seek direction from our experts. We can help you set up a successful insert program and we can provide all the information and assistance you need to get it up and running. Our services also include direct mail marketing, list & insert brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, list management, digital media and radio, TV & Podcast media. For more information about newspaper inserts and how we can help grow your business contact us today!