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Remnant space advertising, also known as remainder and last-minute advertising, consists of filling unused advertising space and time slots. Essentially, remnant ads are advertising spaces that media companies are hard-pressed to sell for one reason or another, whether they’re in undesirable low traffic areas or are simply too expensive.

However, just because remnant ads inventory isn’t immediately swept up by the first potential buyer, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any value at all.

Here are some benefits of remnant space advertising for business owners.  

Are Remnant Ads a Good Way to Get Around Higher Advertising Costs?

Remnant ads are a good way to save money on advertising for a number of reasons. Since remnant ads are ad spaces that haven’t sold, media companies are more likely to sell them at a significant discount than to simply sit on that space that’s not making them any money. In fact, it costs a lot of money to retain an empty remnant advertising space.

There are a number of reasons why a media company might not be able to sell a specific ad space.

  1. The location isn’t ideal. If the ad space is located on an obscure or other low-traffic area, many companies might not even know it exists. Even if companies are aware of its existence, they might be reluctant to purchase the ad space due to its location. For instance, newspaper and magazine remnant ads are usually placed toward the back of the publication.
  2. Lack of demand on certain days.
  3. It could be too expensive. If the cost of purchasing a specific ad space is too high, then advertisers will gladly look elsewhere for a cheaper option and media companies will struggle to sell the ad space in question.
  4. Sometimes, there just aren’t enough advertisers currently in the market for a new ad space and this can hinder sales as well.

These are all ideal ad space purchasing conditions for small businesses that are looking to maximize their advertising budget. Remnant space advertising puts you in a prime position to negotiate on prices. Aside from cost savings, the other upside is that your brand will still get some exposure to help build up recognition.

Unfortunately, there are also a few downsides to remnant space advertising. For one thing, you don’t get to choose when or where the ad runs. Media companies have full control over the ad location and time slot. At the end of the day, though, you can still get decent ad exposure depending on the media company’s outreach capabilities and the size of your target audience.

Getting some exposure for a discounted fee is still better than paying exorbitant fees that eat away at your advertising budget or not getting any media exposure at all.

Why You Should Work with a Media Partner when Buying Remnant Ad Space

When purchasing a remnant space advertising spot, it’s always a smart move to work with a reputable media partner like North American Media. We specialize in a variety of direct media marketing disciplines including direct mail, remnant space advertising, alternative media, package inserts, radio, digital marketing, and television. Contact us today to learn how we can elevate your brand’s advertising practices to the next level.