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Digital media and marketing may be at the forefront of the advertising industry, but that’s not to say that offline marketing formats don’t bring any value whatsoever to your advertising strategies. Offline marketing is what many people in the younger generations might refer to as “old school” advertising. These formats include radio, newspaper, magazine, billboard advertising, and direct mail to name a few. While modern-day consumers are constantly looking for instant gratification when it comes to their brand interactions, there’s something to be said for flipping through the pages of a physical newspaper, magazine, or catalogue and discovering a new brand that automatically grabs your attention.

Digital marketing relies primarily on targeting audience members. Some may see that level of personalization as a good thing, but it can also feel more invasive and in your face rather than helpful or inviting. Buying remnant ads in newspapers is an effective and affordable marketing strategy to entice audience members that may not be as engaged on social media.

What Are Remnant Space Newspaper Advertisements?

Remnant newspaper space advertising is also referred to as “standby space”. In print media, these are blank advertising spaces that have remained unsold for one reason or another until the very last minute before the next issue is due to be published. To fill these spots before the publication goes to print, newspapers will sell the leftover blocks of advertising space for a fraction of what they normally cost to pretty much anyone who’s willing to pay for them (within reason, of course).

Local print newspapers, editorials, and circulars are still quite common fixtures of various communities across North America and they typically feature advertisements that highlight local businesses. Publications like these present ample advertising opportunities for businesses that want to actively increase their customer outreach potential and appeal to certain demographics beyond just the digital realm.

Unfortunately, too many modern day marketers tend to put all of their eggs in one digital basket and overlook or underestimate the mass appeal that many print publications still possess. As a result, these marketers inadvertently miss out on a lot of prime advertising opportunities.

How Much Does Remnant Ad Space Save on Print Media?

As mentioned, remnant ad space consists of leftover advertising space that newspapers and magazines are unable to sell at regular ad placement prices before going to print. Depending on how badly print publications want to fill that space and how much they’re willing to accept for it, you could very easily negotiate the cost. Some publications may even be willing to give a sizeable discount as high as 70% off or more depending on how close they are to the publication date.

Why Newspaper Advertising is the Best Offline Marketing Strategy

The simple fact is that the majority of your demographic that’s of a certain age still read physical newspapers. Research shows that approximately 2.5 billion adults around the globe still enjoy reading print newspapers. That’s more than half of the world’s adult population. Simply put, print newspapers still have a lot of value for the average reader because they connote credibility.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that newspaper remnant ads and digital media share one important feature in common: they can both be used to appeal to target audiences. The main difference is that newspapers are able to accomplish this goal in a more subtle way rather than appearing forceful and invasive.

Print newspapers have various sections—front page news, politics, sports, entertainment—all of which appeal to different audiences with specific tastes and sentimentalities. You can choose to advertise in whichever section you feel is most likely to grab the attention of your desired demographic without coming off as being too pushy. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to watch a video or read an article online and being bombarded with random unwanted ads. This is where digital media advertising has been proven to fail time and time again.

Even intrusive radio and TV ads can get annoying in the digital age where people prefer to binge watch their favourite shows and movies without interruption. But print advertising is different in the sense that it’s not as loud and intrusive and it doesn’t postpone entertainment at inopportune times; it simply exists, and this makes it far more digestible and even tolerable for audiences to consume.

Why You Should Consider Buying Newspaper Remnant Ad Space

The simple answer is that remnant newspaper advertisements are cheap, which makes them a great way to supplement your other ad campaigns. There’s no denying that print adverting works.

Remnant newspaper ad space is significantly more affordable than investing in digital media or content that most people can’t skip through fast enough. It’s a highly cost-effective marketing strategy that gives you the opportunity to introduce your brand to a whole new audience you might not have been able to reach by focusing solely on your digital platforms. Savvy and experienced marketers know that any opportunity to reach out to desirable prospective customers is worth investing in, regardless of the method. After all, the point of advertising is to be seen by as many people as possible—and newspaper ads guarantee that.

Why Do You Need a Media Partner when Buying Remnant Ads?

Don’t think of a media firm as a middleperson. Think of us as your advertising partner that has the best interest of your brand at heart. That’s definitely true at North American Media. Our goal is to see our customers succeed by connecting them with well-known and respected print publications across the continent. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get the best deals on newspaper remnant space advertising across North America.