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Email marketing has long been one of the many cornerstones of the online dietary supplement and wellness industry. It can be especially useful when you work with the right dietary supplement emailing and mailing list provider to harness your full branding and outreach potential. The name of the game is informing as many people about the health benefits of your product as humanly possible. To that end, you need to expand your dietary supplement mailing and email list to include a group of diverse audience members who are in need of your product. 

Why Should You Market Your Dietary Supplement Brand Using a Mailing and Email List?

A well-rounded marketing strategy that effectively integrates the use of both mailing and emailing lists is the key to reaching out to a broader spectrum of prospective customers. Rather than limiting your marketing efforts to only one method, you can expand your reach by harnessing the power of digital platforms in addition to traditional print advertisements to entice more people and increase your brand recognition. 

Creating a truly unique marketing strategy in an industry that’s already extremely oversaturated with similar products and content is far from easy. That’s why you have to constantly revamp your marketing strategies to make your brand stand out from others that are just like it.

Making use of supplement email lists gives you the unique opportunity to personalize your marketing by addressing people by their names and pinpointing their precise needs for your products. Offer customers an incentive to fill out customer feedback surveys so that you can improve your products and services. Use that information along with their past purchases to offer customers special promotions that are custom-tailored to their needs and preferences. Give them the option of corresponding via mail or email. 

Benefits of Having an Email Lead List for Your Dietary Supplement Brand 

  • Email leads are more likely to actively participate in surveys and respond to correspondence
  • Online shopping is very rapidly surpassing in-store sales
  • More people are likely to purchase their dietary supplements online than ever before
  • Offering special discounts on specific products entices customers to make a purchase
  • Send automatic order reminder emails
  • Send automatic renewal emails for subscription-based products
  • Give customers the ability to opt in and out of email notifications 
  • Update customers on special promotions, product launches, and services
  • Email marketing materials are less likely to be overlooked than social media posts 

How to Effectively Use Email Marketing for Your Dietary Supplement Business

There are several email marketing strategies that you should use for your dietary supplement business. 

  • Categorize leads. This process involves segmenting email addresses and leads into various categories that allow you to keep track of their statuses. They can be active, inactive, or cold leads. 
  • Use the proper formatting. Promotional emails should be intriguing and easy to read. Proper formatting is crucial. Use simple language and tag lines along with high-quality images to capture and keep the interest of your recipients.
  • Track email campaign performance. Send out a test batch of emails to a group of people on your email list. Assess the success rate and performance of that test batch. How many people opened the emails and actively responded to them? Were the majority of the responses positive or negative? Use this data to adjust your next batch of promotional emails. 

Need help managing your dietary supplement email and mailing list? At North American Media, we can show you how to leverage the full marketing potential of your dietary supplement brand so that you can diversify your email and mailing list. Contact us today to learn more.