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When you are preparing to advertise a new product or service, it’s important to consider the type of media to use. There are many benefits to using each different medium, but which one is right for your offer? The right option for you will depend on factors such as your objectives, the nature of your product or service, and the credibility of the medium. Here are some of the most important considerations to make, and how our advertising agency for newspapers and magazines can help you.

Company Objectives

The biggest thing you need to consider when selecting your medium is the company’s general and advertising objectives. The objective of your ad may be to inform, remind, persuade, create prestige, or increase sales and profits. Depending on the media you choose, you will have a varying capacity to meet these objectives.

The Nature of the Product

If the product itself is something that is needed or adds value to a reader’s life, it will boost the effectiveness of your ad. However, the nature of the product will also determine which type of advertising media is the most effective. If the product requires a demonstration, television and digital advertising will work best. Items like wines, alcohol, and cigarettes are only ever advertised in print media. Consider the type of product before choosing your platform.

Potential Market

The aim of every ad campaign is to bring the message to your prospects in an economic and effective manner. This requires identifying the potential market for the product, which includes the number of customers, geographic area, income pattern, age range, interests, likes, dislikes, etc. If the goal is to reach prospects in a high-income group, you should seek advertising in magazines. If you are targeting a local area, advertisements in newspapers and local magazines or direct mail cards are best. Radio, television, and cinema ads are more effective if you are targeting people who are illiterate.

Credibility and Image of the Medium

Credibility is crucial, especially in the case of newspapers and magazines. Television and digital advertising have not been able to establish the level of credibility that newspapers and magazines have. Print media platforms carry a heavier impression and influence than other forms of media. People are more likely to trust ads that are placed in print media than those that appear on television or the Internet.

Cost of the Medium

Cost is an important factor to consider when choosing your medium. Ads in certain types of media are more expensive than others. You will likely pay more for television and radio ads, whereas magazine and newspaper ad placements are more affordable. Even within each medium, there are varying costs. The advertising costs in newspapers that are national will cost more than local ones, especially because they have a larger circulation and reach a wider audience.

Classification of the Audience

Class is another factor to consider when choosing your media platform. You must take note of the class of the audience that you plan to influence with your ad. The audience is generally classified into different groups based on social status, age, educational level, income, religion, and cultural interests. They may also be classified by gender. These classifications are meant to help you have the most impact on your prospects. Certain products connect with certain people, which is why you must consider the class of your audience. You won’t be very effective in advertising diapers in a sports magazine or a new retirement home in a teen fashion magazine.

Extent of Coverage

Another important area to consider is the extent of coverage. This refers to the number of people that will be exposed to your ad. Some media platforms generate global attention, while others are designed only for a small region. Local newspapers, for example, are only for a particular region, whereas national papers end up in the hands of people all over the country.

The reputation of the Medium

Newspapers and magazines carry a positive reputation. They are viewed as trustworthy, and highly valuable for reliable information. This is why ads in magazines can be effective. You can create beautiful illustrations that inspire readers to go shopping or visit your website. Some newspapers and magazines have an international reputation with a high readership. Choosing to post your ad in a reputable magazine or newspaper will add prestige to your product and evoke trust from your reader.

Media Availability

Another challenge to consider is the lack of availability of media. All the required media for your ad campaign may not be available at the opportune time for your campaign. This issue is more common with radio and television platforms—a print media agent can help you find availability that works with your goals, timing, and budget.

How North American Media Can Help with Your Ad Campaign

Choosing the right medium for advertising takes a lot of consideration. Although most of the options are available to you, not all of them will be the most effective and appropriate. Our media buying agency can help you make the right decisions.

At North American Media, we specialize in helping our clients create robust, effective, successful newspaper and print ad campaigns. Our variety of services can be customized to suit your business goals and we have packages that can work with a range of budgets. No matter the size of your organization, we can help you target your audience, retain customers, and build your reputation among your audience as a company they can trust. If you need help catching the eyes of your readers and establishing an effective advertising campaign, consider working with our print advertising agency.

Our services also include direct mail marketing, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, list management, and media buying through newspapers. For more information about how we can help grow your business, contact us at 475-256-0303.